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If You Are Considering a Short Sale….

If you are considering a short sale, you really need to think about working with a Short Sale Specialist. This can be a rather confusing and elaborate process. You can get a great deal on a home, but you need to have a professional on your side to guide you through everything that you will need to do. Without one, you may not get the sale that you want, and you may miss out on your dream house. Do not let this happen to you. Hire a specialist to work on your side so that everything goes through easily.

Generally speaking, a short sale is just the sale of a home where the house is no longer worth the same amount as is left on the mortgage. The home’s value has fallen as the housing market has shifted. For example, the house might be worth only $200,000 now, even though the person bought it just three years ago for $300,000, meaning that they will not yet have paid off the difference. You clearly do not want to pay what they owe since it does not line up with market value, so you need a short sale specialist who will ensure that you pay the right amount.

You will need to make an offer on the house based on what the value is now, regardless of what the value might have been in the past. For a Chicago Short Sale, this value will depend on the current market, the neighborhood, the condition of the house and quite a few other details. You can work with the specialist to determine what a fair price will be. The seller then has to accept your offer and agree to make the sale.

Unlike a normal sale, though, the Chicago short sale is not over after the seller decides that he or she agrees with your offer. They then have to contact the bank and work out a deal with them. After all, the bank is going to be losing money on the deal. Only after the bank also approves everything can you close on the house and begin to move your things inside.

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